Which Gamo pellet gun is right for me?

Gamo target

With so many brands and models of pellet guns and air rifles to choose from, you may discover that choosing the best pellet gun for your killing squirrels needs to be an overwhelming task. To help you weed through options, let’s look at Gamo air rifles. 

But, first, here is my standard killing squirrels disclaimer.

I wish all squirrels made it this easy!

When you need to kill squirrels, whether for pest control or food, shooting a squirrel is the best, most humane way to kill it. If you plan to eat the squirrel, using an air rifle with a scope is the best way to land that difficult kill shot—right between the eyes or the top of the head. Squirrels are tiny, quick critters, so a target that small can be quite difficult with a pistol, and a shotgun will just rip the thing to shreds. If you are shooting squirrels for pest control, in my opinion, hitting that same, tiny target is even more critical. I have no interest in simply wounding an animal, causing it to hide while it slowly dies. Beyond this being unnecessarily cruel, I then have to wait for the thing to rot so I can locate it by smell. No thank you.

All Gamo air rifles are single shot break barrel rifles. Because of the composite stock, they are lightweight but have the look and feel of a “real gun.” Gamo pellet guns are advertised to be quiet rifles, but according to user reviews, this is not always the case. Also, with any Gamo air rifle I highly recommend reading and following the instructions carefully when mounting the sight. Careful mounting will improve the accuracy greatly. Each model has pros and cons, but I find that the pros of Gamo pellet guns outweigh the cons.

For all of the following models we looked at the .177 caliber although .22 caliber is available in some models.

Gamo 6110017154 Varmint .177 

Gamo air rifle

The Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle .177 is the cheapest of the Gamo line at under $100, but in this case, cheap doesn’t mean poor quality. This pellet gun seems to be the most quiet of the Gamo air rifles and is accurate up to 20 yards. This pellet gun model does vibrate a little and the break barrel is stiff at first, requiring some cocking muscle and sight adjustment. But, this pellet gun feels like a real gun with real power. If you want to feel like Dirty Harry when offing pesky rodents like that squirrel that keeps eating your homegrown tomatoes, buy it. 

Gamo 6110067954 Raptor Whisper .177

Gamo air rifle

Customer reviews have put Gamo 6110067954 Raptor Whisper Air Rifle .177 of Gamo air rifles as accurate up to 75 yards. At that distance you could kill your neighbors’ squirrels, turning your neighborhood into a squirrel-free zone. But, that might terrify the neighbors, as this model is loud at first. The volume comes from the power of this weapon—1300 feet per second (FPS). After 60-100 rounds, it will quiet down. The Raptor Whisper Air Rifle will kill any small game with one shot, if your aim is true. At 1300 FPS, nothing is surviving a well-aimed shot. 

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

The predecessor to the Raptor Whisper Air Rifle, the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle provides good killing velocity and has a bit of a recoil with its loud, “real gun” action. So, if you want to feel like a real badass while picking off rodents, this is the gun for you. It is reported to be lightweight, accurate up to 25 yards, and powerful enough to put a pellet through a fence board. If you enjoy pinging targets in your rural backyard, this pellet gun will provide a lot of fun, but it is too loud to kill squirrels and other rodents in a heavily populated area. You may find the Law knocking on your door wanting to know why you are using serious firepower in a neighborhood.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle

For the lazier hunter like me, who prefers to sit on my back porch with a cup of coffee and a pellet gun and wait for the squirrels to arrive, the Game Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle ($180+) is a mighty fine choice of pellet guns. It is single shot pump action, but comes with a magazine attachment that allows you to load up to ten pellets at a time. With this feature, you can pump and shoot, pump and shoot, pump and shoot, up to ten times. It’s pretty loud, so between the magazine feature and noise and at only 6lbs, this is a fun weapon to use whether killing squirrels or hunting small game and especially for target shooting. Also, its smooth action and lack of recoil will help hold the sight true for longer.

With all Gamo air rifles and pellet guns, Gamo pellets provide the most accuracy as they fit best (tightest) in the rifle. No matter which Gamo air rifle you choose, you are sure to kill some squirrels with these pellet guns. Paired with Gamo pellets, a Gamo air rifle will provide ease when faced with a colony of squirrels destroying your attic and feasting in your garden. Just remember, lure the squirrels outside before you pull the trigger. Each Gamo air rifle mentioned above is powerful enough to send those pellets right through your walls.

If you are still unsure if shooting squirrels is the best way to handle your vermin problem, read up on how to kill squirrels here.

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